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SVG CSS Animation

This project marked the beginning of my passion for coding ❤️

The SVG was created in Adobe Illustrator and animated using vanilla CSS.

See how I did it on Github.

Connect Four

jQuery. Fun times.

Try playing using the keyboard! (arrow keys, 'enter' and 'r' for resetting the board)

Contemplate it on Github.


Social Network

Users can sign up and login, reset their password, edit their profile, as well as search for other users and interact with them. They can manage connections, see friends of their friends, or have a chat.

Check it out on Github.


  • A Node.js Express server and a PostgreSQL database are CRUDfully keeping everything together
  • AWS services like S3 and SES are used to store profile images and send out forgot password emails
  • A Redis database is used to manage codes for resetting the passwords
  • Passwords are being salted, hashed and then encrypted using Bcrypt
  • Cookies and browser sessions are used to manage the logged in / logged out state
  • The app is protected from potential SQL injections and CSURF attacks
  • Socket.io and the WebSocket protocol power a live chat


  • React is used to render the UI
  • Redux is used to manage the global frontend state
  • Webpack and Babel are used to bundle, build and compile the frontend

Hey, I'm David.

I'm a frontend engineer from Berlin, Germany.

I get excited about everything UI and a healthy workplace culture.

Currently changing the world one line of code at a time over at prosperity.berlin.

When I'm not busy watering my children (plants) or cooking vegan curries you can find me indoor climbing or doing yoga on my rooftop terrace.

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